Celebrating the Life and Legacies of Bran Cancer Victims

Lisa Chipsam:  Wife of Caleb Chipsam.  Mother of two and beloved Lawrence, KS Jr High School Vice-Principle.  She was the oldest daughter of Steve and Rosali Miller who started the Play to Beat Brain Cancer organization.  She passed away in 2013 after a 3 year battle with Blioblastoma.

Lisa graduated from Baker Universits with an Art degree and taught Jr High School art classes.  She enjoyed painting and teaching art.  Later, she went back to Baker to get her Masters in Education Administration which opened the door to become a Vice-Principle in Lawrence.

During her own time in High School, she was a tough and confident Foresnics competitor who only was nervous when she had to compete against one of her upper classmen named Paul Rudd.

Lisa loved to play board games such as Monopoly, Pente and Big Boggle.

Tracy Lenihan: Wife of Jim Lenihan and mother of two boys.

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